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Update for Gotcuffs.com
11/20/2023 06:54am
Hi, Just wanted to update on some things happening at gotcuffs. There will be a new members area very soon. It will look similar, but will be more modern and have a few more features and updated streaming that will load faster and play more smoothly if you have slower internet. Live streaming/webcam will also be coming back and will at first only be available to members for free. I'm also halfway through making a new jail cell that will be a little larger than the old one. It's a concrete block room and will have room for two beds and a toilet. I have to finish getting it painted and the barred door installed. Also I'll be filming at the location in the 'Working Chain Gang' clip I just posted at the end of december and can shoot outside and with vehicles. If you are interested in a custom you can write JJ and JJ@borntobebound.com to set that up. JJ will be there along with Karin Sinn and a new model that I haven't shoot before. There may be a few other models coming and I will update about that.

Hi, I'm adding a hogcuff update right now and then later yesterdays and today's updates will post. I had to wait until I got the power supply fixed on my old computer to get some of the raw footage off to edit. I moved some more footage over to the new computer today and I'm shooting Rachel right now so I'll put that footage on the new computer as well. As soon as I'm done shooting I will get the updates finished. Thanks, Tony

This weeks updates
Hi, I'm working on getting this weeks updates up. My computer stopped working, but I have a new computer that I am setting up right now so I will start putting updates up tonight. Thanks, Anthony

Just shot a new model today and her first video will post tomorrow. She reminds me a lot of Kristi with her acting and her looks so hopefully you will like her!

I'll continue to add older videos to the new site so all videos will be stream-able. I'm also staring to shoot some new hogcuffed.com style updates that will be added from time to time. The new hogcuffed clips will count as one of the five updates for the week, but older ones that are added will not count as a new update.

I'll also be opening a new website soon that will be a pay-per-clip store that will have all of the gotcuffs.com clips so if you don't like memberships you will be able only pay for the clips you want and not only download, but stream to all devices as well.

Thanks, Tony

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