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"All participants featured in the films
and photographs on this website are willing actors/actresses in films for
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With your membership you get access to one of the largest collections of videos featuring girls being handcuffed, shackled, arrested, put in jail, and just playing with cuffs. You'll also get plenty of photo sets, but is primarily a video site. You will get FIVE new VIDEOS each week and some weeks will include a photo set (photo sets may have been on old site already). At all videos are available at all times for members. We DO NOT rotate content. Don't take my word for it and just don't take a "tour"'ll get to see the entire site before you join. You'll see exactly what you are getting and you'll be able to download sample videos to make sure you are able to play them. If you like what you seen then JOIN...if not then no hard feelings.

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Hogcuffed - If the site is not hard enough or sexual enough you may like It is all steel bondage (some rope, leather, and straitjackets also), orgasms, bdsm, fucking machines, fantansy women's prison, and more. It is now open on an "On Demand" basis. New clips coming soon. (currently clips4sale store)- The name explains...on this site the women have the cuffs and the power. Content is a mix between gotcuffs and hogcuffed as in some are realistic style clips of women arresting men and others are more fantansy bdsm styled. (currently clips4salestore) -This site features new and experienced models put in tight ropes, gags, and other forms of bondage other than handcuffs. I know it's not steel, but it's a bonus so you can't complain.


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